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Chip Key Problems What Are They?

Like many other things we use daily, a chip key can malfunction and end up suffering wear and tear. Not everything will outlast you, and one thing that certainly won’t is a key with a chip. There are a few common signs that you will see when there is a problem with the chip inside the key or the actual key itself.

Let’s Look At Them

If you try to use the key to unlock your doors remotely and the door doesn’t unlock, then you have a problem. The problem here is the fact that the modern cars of today lack the keyholes; so you cannot open the door with the key manually anymore. If the doors happen to lock behind you then you won’t be able to get back inside your car; because the chip key is not working. You don’t need to panic as Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston in the local Boston, MA area can assist.

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Locking Problem?

Same as the unlocking problem, you most likely won’t be able to lock the doors of your car with the chip key if it is malfunctioning. If you don’t have a working chip key and the car is unlocked; then you have a security problem, and anyone can access your car. If the replacement car keys are inside the car and it malfunctions and locks, then you have a security problem also and will require a Boston, MA locksmith to come and retrieve the keys.

The other common problem is when you put the physical key inside the ignition, and it won’t turn or move for that matter; this indicates a problem with the chip inside the base. Sometimes the chip key might not be sending the code to the immobilizer.

Quite often, you can suffer water damage, or parts of the actual chip key might break off, which means the key will no longer fit perfectly in the hole. Luckily Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston can help you.

How To Fix Common Problems With Transponder Keys

It just so happens that many chip key problems can be caused by a flat or dead battery. Transponder keys will depend on the battery relay and the security code that transmits to the immobilizer. It is best to get a professional locksmith such as Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston in Boston, MA, to help you as the chip inside the key can be easily damaged.

If you have replaced the battery and you still can’t get the key with the chip to work; then you may have a problem with the actual chip key transponder itself. In this case, again, a locksmith is the best to handle such a problem.

What Are The Main Car Keys?

Older cars will often use the standard ignition keys. The keys will work to unlock the car, start the engine, and lock the car again. When more technology comes out, the car systems will change. The newer cars will have fobs, and then the modern cars will have a key. These will send signals to your vehicle, which will unlock, lock, and start the engine. Not only are all these keys susceptible to wear and tear and other common problems mentioned, but they do also get lost. Lost car keys are actually a common call out for the local locksmith team.

Having Fob Issues?

First of all, like above, it can be your battery, and if the battery is going low, it will stop working. If you still have problems, chances are you have a problem with your locks or damage to the tiny components in the mechanisms.

Are There Any Benefits To Having A Keys With Chips?

Along with giving you plenty of added security, a transponder is also great for remote access. These are equipped with one or two push buttons that have the power to unlock and lock your cars from a certain distance.

Here we mention just a few benefits that you can experience with a transponder key:

  • Reduced risk of theft: Now most modern vehicles are designed to only start when reading one specialized code, theft is significantly harder.
  • Remote operation is another benefit of a chip key due to it allowing operators to distantly access their vehicles.
  • Central locking means that certain cars are equipped with remote access and central locking abilities. You are able to lock all the doors in the vehicle just by pushing a button. Some will also have an alarm button on the key as well.

Talk to the friendly locksmiths today to organize a solution for your key problems.

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