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Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston

Free 24/7 Consultation With a Car Locksmith:


The #1 fast and reliable Car Locksmith in Boston

There is no other Car Locksmith Boston that provides a more diligent and thorough lock and key service. Uncle Ben’s is the Boston MA locksmith with over a decade in business in the local area. We are proud of the honest, reliable and dependable service we deliver on every single job. We can handle any type of vehicle, including re-keying, car key duplication, transponder keys and car lockouts. Our crew also provides an emergency home, automotive and business lockout service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our spread and service vans allow us to boast a 20 minute response time to most locations in the Boston area.

Full Automotive Locksmith Services Provider

Uncle Ben’s automotive locksmith Boston is the number one provider of professional locksmith service in Boston MA. We offer car lockout services, key duplication, key fob and transponder programming, key cutting and many more services to our customers at affordable rates and in quick time. Whether you require a new ignition switch key, or just want to get back into your locked car, our team will help you with the professionalism and efficiency that you deserve.

We always use the highest quality hardware, while our trained crew has the experience and expertise to complete each job flawlessly. Our team is also able to offer lockout services on a 24 hour emergency basis. Say you are stuck outside your vehicle, unable to get inside as you have lost your key. Instead of trying to break into your car, you call our crew and someone is at your doorstep within 20 minutes, ready to help. When you are in trouble, we always answer the call.

The Number One Auto Locksmith in Boston MA

Finding a reputable auto locksmith Boston is vitally important. Whether you own an older or newer vehicle model, you will want to ensure that your key is operating flawlessly each time you need to open the door, start the engine or lock your car. Not only does our team offer a quick turnaround time on regular replacement car keys, but we can also handle more advanced models. Our crew can create or duplicate transponder key, ignition key, and key fobs. We are also proud of our emergency lockout service, which can come in handy for anyone experiencing vehicle lockouts in the nearby area.

Uncle Ben’s Car Lockout Service

Car Unlock Service Kit

Locked out of your car in the middle of the night? No worries! Uncle Ben’s have you covered. Just give us a call and a licensed locksmith will be at your location within just 20 minutes! Our technicians arrive with a fully loaded van of all the necessary equipment to get you back into your vehicle safely and efficiently. Our Boston Auto locksmiths work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure fast emergency response to all car lockouts. There are several safe ways to unlock your vehicle door or trunk without damaging it. These methods are approved by the American locksmith association and require specialized tools. Its trued that on occasion a car door can be unlocked by and amateur using a wire or some DIY contraption but in most cases, unless you know exactly what you’re doing the risk just isn’t worth it.

If you’re using a a wire or some kind of metal rod it may scratch the vehicle, both from the inside and the outside. More commonly your DIY car lockout kit will get stuck in the door and make the problem worse. On top of this, depending on your alarm system, the alarm might go off and you’ll by waiting for the locksmith with some noise.

With over a decade in the business, we have seen dozens of failed ways people go about breaking into their vehicles, and can confidently recommend you call a licensed and experienced locksmith instead. Sure it will cost you a bit, but at least you can rest assured that your locked car will be handled with the utmost care, by an insured individual who has the perfect tools for the job. Our car locksmith can arrive at your location within 20 minutes. After that most car lockouts usually take about 5 minutes so in half an hour you’ll be on your way.
Your situation may be unpleasant, by calling Uncle Ben’s Car Lockout Boston services you make it a 30 minute setback, rather than have it ruin your entire day.

Get a Key Copy within 20 minutes!

Key Making Machine

Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston can copy any type of car key at your location. Be it a transponder key, fob key or an ignition switch key. Our locksmiths arrive with key cutting equipment, ready to help out. Whether you lost your car keys and need a new one made on the spot, need your transponder key programmed or just want to have a key copy, give Uncle Ben’s a call. Unlike other companies who might require you to bring your key to their facility, or hold you on hold while they discuss your particular make and model, Uncle Ben’s can copy your keys on the spot thanks to our mobile key cutting vans. We handle all makes and models with a smile.

Some people don’t know that copying car keys is very different from making a residential regular copy. Car keys require special machinery and equipment and there are several techniques by which the key duplication can be done. All of them will require you to have a physical key on you, on which the duplicate key will be based.
The electronics involved in making a key copy is a whole other topic. Most people rely on the transponder key to lock and unlock their doors and trunk, as well as alarm control and more. An Uncle Ben’s Boston auto locksmith arrives with all the tools and experience needed to cut and program a duplicate transponder key for you. Call 24/7 for reliable locksmiths in your area!

Lost car keys are no problem

Woman locked out of car

This happens to everyone. One day you approach your car, reach in your pocket and find that your keys are missing. Some people may panic at this point, especially if you happen to have parked in a shady neighborhood; but not anyone that has ever dealt with Uncle Ben’s auto locksmith Boston MA. Our customers know that lost car keys are at worst a tiny annoyance that will be gone in 20 minutes! You don’t have to wonder, “where is the nearest locksmith”? Or search “locksmith near me” on your phone.

Calling Uncle Ben’s will automatically connect you with the nearest automotive locksmith near you. This ensures that you get back into your vehicle as quickly as possible. Our locksmiths can provide a car key replacement with duplicate keys as well as car lockout services at an affordable price. We accept all major credit cards so you don’t even have to have any cash on you.
Its always recommended to find a trusted car locksmith in your area before you actually need one to recover your lost car keys; so keep our number in your phone. You never know when it might come in handy.

Locked keys in Car

Keys locked inside your car? This also happens to everyone and is even easier than a complete key replacement. People find their keys locked in the car all time and getting them out can be tricky; unless you’ve got the number of the best car locksmith in Boston. Uncle Ben’s Locksmiths arrive with a van, loaded with equipment designed to open vehicles safely and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on being able to break into just about any car within a just a few minutes and with no damage. We only use methods approved by the American locksmith association and our locksmiths hold all necessary licenses, bonds, and insurances, so you can count on us. Your car doors are in the best hands. What if you want to retrieve your locked keys yourself?

As stated previously, you may be a handy man yourself. You may have seen a youtube video instruction on opening your vehicle door yourself. You may have hear that its easy from a friend.

While in some cases it is actually easy and can be done by anyone mechanics; savvy with a proper tool, in others it isn’t. It is however pretty cheap! Why risk scratching your car or getting something jammed in your door and setting off the alarms? Unless you have the proper tools for your specific model and a few good hours to spare; we highly recommend contacting a trained professional instead. Its safer, and since it only takes us a few minutes you might actually save your time and money.

Secure Key Fob Programming

Since the high-tech revolution most modern keys come with a key fob. This convenient little security device makes the process of unlocking your car safer and easier in several ways. There may also be a need to make changes to, or reprogramme, a key fob. Uncle Ben’s Locksmith Boston again have the solution. Our near by locksmiths have the training, experience and license necessary to replace repair and program the key fob for most vehicle makes and models. Untrained individuals can program some key fobs, although some can’t; these devices are often a significant part of the security of your car. So we recommend leaving it up to the people who have been doing it over a decade.

It’s not uncommon to have key fobs in promotional offers as well; making the process of getting new keys for your car cheaper.

Visit Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith anytime for A superior car locksmith in Boston MA. Whether you need car keys made near you; or are locked out of your car, Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith have got you covered! Uncle Ben's Car Locksmith Boston
100 Huntington AveBoston, MA
Phone: 617-431-1961 Expected price per service: $35 – $240

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