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Experienced Key Maker In Boston, MA

Key maker Boston MA - Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston

Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston is not only the longest operating locksmith but they are also the most experienced. For most Boston, MA, occupants, calling a key maker Boston, MA, is very rare. The possibility of them needing to call a key maker Boston, MA, arises when they’ve broken a key in their door; or a child has accidentally stuck something in the lock making the door unable to open. However, key makers perform different tasks; they are versatile craftsmen. A portion of the key maker’s work incorporates making keys for residential and commercial properties, intricate keys for safes, old vintage keys and keys for various high-end vehicles. Other keys that an experienced key maker Boston, MA, can cut are as follows:

  • Security keys cut to code
  • Restricted keys
  • Patented keys (with the relevant permits)
  • Door keys
  • Car key replacement Boston, MA
  • Patio door keys
  • Cabinet keys
  • Abloy keys
  • Dimple keys
  • Lost car keys

When calling a key maker Boston, MA, it’s imperative to know the various kinds of services they offer; so you can pick the correct one for your specific needs. Call us, we offer all the services of a great key maker Boston, MA.

We Deliver Expert Craftsmanship!

Key maker Boston, MA is an expert who has expertise in making specialized keys for various items some of which a normal locksmith may not be capable of doing to the same standard. Key makers of such background are very skillful and has mastered the art of cutting and crafting; even the most intricately designed keys. In addition to making keys, a key maker Boston, MA, also renders other services; to assist you in your most desperate moments. At Uncle Ben’s locksmith Boston, we have the most skillful key makers in Boston, MA. team of private key makers.

They are dedicated to their work and will assist you 24/7. Rather than just opening locks, these key makers offer different types of assistance such overhauling your locks, putting in new locks, replicating your keys and changing locks on apartment complexes. In addition, they are capable of cutting keys for UPVC doors and windows, bike keys and keys for desks and lockers. So if you are in need of any of these services, don’t hesitate give us a call today!

Knowledgeable Commercial Key Maker Boston, MA

A commercial key maker Boston, MA, work on bigger structures, for example, office edifices, schools, lodgings, carports, stockrooms, manufacturing plants, large warehouses and apartment complexes. These are places that normally require far more security than a residential property. Some of these security measures include:

–   Pick resistant locks: these are resistant to picking and jamming due to their patented design and as such they provide maximum security to any office space.

– Patented or Registered locks: these cannot be copied unless authorization is given by the company which utilizes them.

– Customized lock configuration: these are basically master key systems where any desired lock configuration can be done to suite the specific needs of the company, for example, one key to open all the doors in an entire department; or just one or two doors where that particular employee has clearance for.

– Establishment of a biometric framework or distant keyless framework: these utilize your biometric information such as your fingerprints or a facial scan.

For additional information about the commercial services that we at Uncle Ben’s Locksmith Boston offers, call us we’ll be happy to serve you any time!

We Will Have You Driving Again!

Have you ever been locked out of your vehicle in an unfamiliar location in Boston, MA?  Today, most vehicles have an electronic key to give ease of access which are also linked to anti-theft devices. If your vehicle utilizes one of these keys, it makes it exceptionally difficult to override. Only a trained professional like us are equipped with the necessary tools to assist you if you have locked yourself out of the vehicle; or if there is some malfunctioning of the key.

We are able to duplicate the key and have it reprogrammed; so that you will be around the steering wheel in no time. This kind of job is not for those who are not versed in locksmithing as we are; this is a job for an experienced and skilled professional. We are available 24hrs a day so give us a call we know what we are doing and will have you driving sooner than later!

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