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Lost Car Key Replacement: We Are Always There For You!

Lost Car Key Replacement - Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston

Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston for all your lost car key replacement needs. With so many things to deal with in our daily lives, it is surprising that other things get misplaced, thrown away by mistake or lost. One of those things that commonly gets lost is our car keys. It’s always in constant use so the possibility of misplacing it or it getting lost is very high. The famous question, ‘Have you seen my car keys?’ has rolled off the lips of every driver at least once per day. It is not that persons who own vehicles are careless or so super busy that they totally disregard the one thing that is designed to give them access to their vehicle.

This couldn’t be further from the truth; the reality is they have misplaced it so many times and found it again that they take it for granted; that they will always find it. In cases like these you will definitely need to visit Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston to have a lost car key replacement done. They will provide you with the fastest lost car key replacement service in Boston, MA; also give advice on the best strategy to making sure you don’t end up in this problem; where you will constantly need replacement car keys service. When you deal with such a professional auto locksmith company; you can be sure you are getting the best overall service!

Lost Car Key Replacement: We Give You The Best Price!

Lost car key replacement service can be very cost depending on the type of key that was lost and the company that you choose to get your lost car key replacement service from. Different type of keys will cost a different price to be replaced, some of which are listed below:

– Traditional car keys: these car keys are relatively easy to duplicate and will not set you back more than a few bucks, between $4 and $10. Additionally, these keys do not take much time to be duplicated.

– Transponder keys:  these keys are a bit more complicated as they utilize a chip that sends a signal to a receiver in the vehicle. When these types of keys get lost, they tend to be more expensive to replace; as the correct blank has to be used as well as they have to be programmed as well. So basically, a lost car key replacement for this type of key will put you out as much as $225, approximately $125 for the replacement and $100 for the programming; these prices are dependent on the make and model of your vehicle.

– Keyless entry systems: these are mostly used in luxury vehicles and they are very convenient and offer various features to make the vehicle more secure or operate the car remote even without you in it. However, these smart keys can cost quite a hefty sum if they get lost. The price to have one of these keys replaced can cost up to $500; depending on the make of your vehicle.

Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston gives their customers the best prices for lost car key replacement service in Boston, MA. When you want an affordable auto locksmith company call us, we are here for you!

Call Us, We Will Always Answer!

In Boston, MA, auto locksmith companies are a dime a dozen; but not all offer a comprehensive package and quite a few of them do not offer 24/7 auto locksmith service as we do. We are always open to answer your service call, no matter what time of day it is. So, of you have misplaced your car keys or somehow lost them; don’t go in panic mode just give us a call and provide us with as much information as possible as to the type of vehicle you drive, the kind of car key it uses; we will ensure that you do not experience the trauma that normally accompanies situations like these.

Our locksmiths are well trained and very efficient at what they do; so there is no need to worry about any lengthy delay. We don’t put our customers through such inconvenience; that is for amateurs who are just learning the trade not seasoned professionals who know exactly what they are doing. You don’t have to take our word for it; check out all the thousands of reviews left by our satisfied customers. The quality of our work will say it all!

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