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Locksmith Car Key Replacement: Smart Keys Done Right!


Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston has offered top of the line locksmith car key replacement to the people of Boston, MA, for over a decade with excellent results. Their locksmith car key replacement service is incomparable to any other offered in Boston, MA. They do locksmith car key replacement for all types of keys but they specialize in smart keys. Some smart keys that their locksmith car key replacement service covers are:

  • Hands free keycard
  • Smart key system
  • Intelli-Fob
  • Comfort Access
  • Keyless Go
  • Proximity key
  • Keyless entry remote

These smart keys are simply not for starting the vehicle and opening doors, they are capable of triggering an alarm, setting used preferences such as steering wheel and seat position and temperature. These smart keys provide drivers immense comfort and convenience however if damaged or malfunctioning, the opposite effect is inevitable. We are known to provide excellent locksmith car emergency key replacement service, give them a call today!

Locksmith Car Key Replacement For Luxury Vehicles!

Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston provides locksmith car key replacement service for all types of vehicles no matter the make or model of the vehicle. We also do locksmith car key replacement service for all luxury vehicles. We specialize in the following:

  • Ferrari: the key fob for this vehicle will open the doors and trunk of the vehicle by a touch of either of the three buttons on it. Inserting the fob into the ignition and pressing a button on the steering wheel starts the vehicle.
  • Tesla: this vehicle has a key fob which does all the things that a fob does but with one small addition, you can move the vehicle without you.
  • BMW: this vehicle has a key with several interesting functions, not only can it open the doors, trunk and start the vehicle, it can also trigger an alarm, set the internal temperature of the vehicle, adjust the lights and even park the car remotely.
  • Corvette: the key fob for this vehicle has a slick rectangular design and comes with all the functionality of a normal fob but it also allows you to remotely start the vehicle.
  • Jaguar: this vehicle has a versatile ‘key’ which is worn on the hand like a wristband. Simply hold the ‘key’ near the Jaguar badge on the vehicle and open sesame! This design is also waterproof.

We are experts in replacing any of these keys for these and other luxury vehicles but words could never express the quality of service that we give our customers. It’s best you see it for yourself!

Locksmith Car Key Replacement: Available 24/7!

When you are in need of good auto locksmith, many times there are very few options available either because they do not offer the service that you seem or they are closed at the time when you need them. We offer all the services of an auto locksmith and we are always open. Our auto locksmith services are as follows:

  • Car lock out assistance
  • Car key replacement
  • Programming of key fobs
  • Car key extraction
  • Transponder key programming
  • Ignition switch replacement
  • Ignition rekeying services
  • Duplication of car keys

When you are in need of a good auto locksmith company, there is no need to wander around in despair, contemplating your next move. We are not just good; we are a great auto locksmith company with years of experience under our belt. Other locksmith companies cannot compare so don’t waste precious time calling around, just make one call, we are always open!

The Best Auto Locksmith Around!

In Boston, MA, there is only one auto locksmith company that desires true recognition and that is Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston. They are an auto locksmith like no other, the quality of their services far surpasses the expectations of each and every one of their clients. They offer top class service every day of the year and their emergency service is also available on holidays. If you seek affordable auto locksmith services then they are the ones to call. Their prices are reasonably set to fit the budget of everyone and their customer support will make you a loyal customer for life. So, don’t be swayed back and forth with gimmicks from others let the experts the relevant knowledge and experience get the job done right! Call us for your free quote today. We are always ready to serve you, night or day!