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24 hour Key Cutting- Is It Possible To Cut A Key Without The Original One?

24 hour key cutting - Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston

24 hour key cutting without any existing one seems impossible. But after a simple Google search, you will find that it actually is possible.

Following the next few steps clearly helps you identify a 24 hour key cutting procedure without the existing one.

  • Confirm and identify which kind of key you will be cutting – is it a traditional car key or perhaps a house key? Different keys are cut in different ways, so it is essential to note these things.
  • Study the door lock in-depth for a while to understand its mechanisms – Study it in detail, how they’re arranged, whether it has indicators, any unique designs or combinations, and more. You should also check the instruction manual for key details like safety advice, tips, and tricks.
  • Next, you will need to call a locksmith who can expertly cut the key according to the door lock’s requirements. Cars sometimes have one of those modern, automatic door locks that will require new keys and a newly programmed key. The locksmith ought to be able to cut the key and program it according to your car.
  • The car locksmith Boston will have to restore the defaults and then set up new codes. Then reset it to a code that has meaning for you. Some people go with random numbers and letters, but those are easier to forget. On the other hand, make sure you don’t pick something too obvious.
  • Also, on some models, the up-arrow and down-arrow are two separate buttons. On other models, it’s the same button with an ‘up’ side and a ‘down’ side. Press the arrows and the program button simultaneously and hold them down to flush the system. Depending on the brand and model of choice, this can take between 3 to 10 seconds.

24 hour key cutting – How To Check If Your Car Key Is Malfunctioning

  • The lock button is on

With the lock button activated, the receiver logic board will NOT accept signals from the control. However, the door will open and close by activating the push bar, key switch, or keypad. To enable this feature to be turned off, simply check for a blinking light on the multifunctional control panel and turn the lock button off by pressing it for 2 seconds.

  • The battery is depleted.

Your car key is often bound to run out of battery, as all things do. In a circumstance like this, simply replace the battery with a new one and your key will start working as good as new.

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